Building community and creating social change by raising our voices in song.


Accessibility is a core value of One Voice. Internally, the Chorus is physically accessible with rehearsals held in wheelchair accessible spaces. Braille lyrics, rehearsal CDs and mp3 downloads are available for singers who are blind or unable to read music. One Voice is pedagogically accessible, using multiple teaching strategies like peer tutoring, practice CDs and small group rehearsals to help chorus members learn the music. Financial accessibility for members is permitted by allowing members to choose volunteer activities in lieu of paying dues. 

Externally, One Voice concerts are accessible to audience members in multiple ways. Physical accessibility is achieved through using wheelchair accessible concert spaces, Braille and large print programs and ASL interpretation. Information about accessibility is printed on the chorus website and all promotional and advertising information prior to the concert. Concerts are financially accessible by providing reduced concert ticket prices to households with lower incomes. One Voice is artistically accessible, providing detailed program notes with information about the compositions we perform. 

For questions relating to One Voice’s ADA compliance, please contact us!